Other Vineyard Equipment

Hot and cold high pressure washers, high pressure sanitation systems, tankless water heaters, rotary surface cleaners, steam generators, barrel and tank cleaning systems, water-driven floor cleaning tools.
Accurate Forklift, Inc.
Parts, service, rentals, new and used forklift sales. Attachments, bin dumpers, rotators. Operator training, allied products. Material handling, forklifts, rentals. Specialized barrel handling.
Quick field tests for malic acid, residual sugar, free SO2, & titratable acidity. Accurate, disposable tests with no lab equipment/training needed. Our tests are relied upon by winemakers and food producers globally.
Aeration Industries International
Your partner for meeting permit requirements, easy installation,durable equipment with simple maintenance, load variation accommodations, energy consumption reduction, odor elimination and quick response rental program for emergency needs.
Agricultural Electronics Corp.
Direct inside-the-vine measurement of nitrate, potassium and phosphate ions, berry quality, water content. Measurements: every half hour 24/7/52.
Air Burners
Approved alternative to open burning. Process wires wth vines, attrition, trees and root balls. Air Burners is the number one manufacturer of air curtain burner systems in the world. For the last couple decades we have been building the best and most rugged machines in the industry. Made in USA.
Angelo Equipment
Ag equipment, construction equipment.
Arable’s integrated hardware, agronomic modeling, and software suite helps viticulturalists and vineyard managers understand the full crop system at the plant, microclimate, and field levels, reducing risk and optimizing sustainability.
BDI Machinery Sales, Inc.
Your complete source for canopy sprayers of all sizes, weed sprayers, hedgers, leaf thinners, shredders, cultivators, pruners, mowers, spreaders and much more vineyard specialty machinery.
BDI Screen Manufacturing
We manufacture wedge wire screens
Belkorp Ag, LLC (California North Coast Division)
Your full service John Deere dealership serving California's San Joaquin Valley and North Coast region. Specialists in narrow vineyard tractors and vineyard mechanization.
BioMicrobics, Inc
BioMicrobics BioBarrier® HSMBR® Winery is a wastewater treatment system specifically designed to treat your winery process wastewater, either exclusively or in combination with sanitary wastewater from your tasting rooms and hospitality facilities.
BioScout is your answer to fungal crop disease. It’s a high-tech solution that takes the guesswork out of your farming, so you can focus on the critical stuff and put your energy where it counts.
Blueline Manufacturing and Equipment
Variety of tractors, sprayers, de-leafers, grape gondolas, harvesters and other specialized farm equipment. Plus, an extensive parts and service department to meet an array of maintenance needs, and a rental fleet available to reduce downtime.
The Börger BLUELine rotary lobe pump is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump that provides low-shear and gentle handling of mash, must, lees, pomace, pump-over, yeast, whole grapes and other highly viscous materials.
Burro - Augean Robotics
Transforming farm labor with collaborative robots.
California Ag Soilworks, LLC
Vineyard and orchard land preparation through advanced technology ripping, blending and mounding. Superior results with less capital outlay. Remedial ripping in established vineyards.
Clemens Vineyard Equipment
Specialized vineyard equipment such as mechanical weed control, sucker removal, de-leafers, pre-pruners, trimmers, mulchers / mowers, recycling sprayers, low volume venture sprayers and more.
Custom Cover Upholstery, Inc.
Covers for open fermenter tanks, conveyors, presses, control boxes and receiving hoppers. Upholstery for truck, tractor and ATV seats. Spa covers. Airplane covers.
DeJong Products
Manufacture of wine grape handling equipment. This includes bin dumpers, shaker conveyor, sorting tables, elevating conveyors and rolling press hoppers.
Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.
Advice and solutions for irrigation, plastic mulch film, floating row covers, greenhouse and nursery equipment, vineyard and orchard equipment and the effective use of plastic picking basket, harvest containers and harvest bins.
ePlant's TreeTag system monitors vine growth, stress, light exposure, temperature, and humidity. With the device's multi-mile range, low per-unit cost, and solar-powered battery, ePlant’s technology is ideal for scalable deployments across vineyards.
ERTEC Environmental Systems
ERTEC offers cost saving, reusable, recyclable and high performance erosion and sediment control, and wildlife control solutions. There are many compelling benefits over existing solutions such as straw wattles and silt fence.
FPT Industrial North America
FPT Industrial is proudly one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engines, axles and transmissions. The FPT Industrial sales network consists of more than 70 dealers and over 800 service centers in almost 100 countries. A wide product offering includes six engine ranges from 42 up to 1,006 horsepower, transmissions with maximum torque of 200 up to 500 Nm, front and rear axles from 2 to 32 ton GAW (Gross Axle Weight). FPT Industrial offers the most complete natural gas engines line-up on the market for industrial applications, with engine ranges from 136 up to 460 horsepower. This extensive offer and a close focus on R&D activities make FPT Industrial a world leader in industrial powertrains and alternative propulsions.
F. Walther Electric Corp
Industrial/Commercial electrical interconnect and power distribution systems
Finger Lakes Trellis Supply
Innovative vineyard and orchard products.
Flame Engineering, Inc.
Red Dragon Agricultural Flamers kill unwanted weeds and grasses, break down old growth to make room for new safely and effectively without chemicals. Ideal for vineyards and orchards. Approved for organic growers. Tested and proved by growers.
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.
Flottweg Separation Technology is a manufacturer of solid/liquid separation machinery including decanter centrifuges, disk stack centrifuges and belt presses. We are located in Independence, KY and our company headquarters is in Vilsbiburg, Germany.
Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag
Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag is a full line fabricator, parts and equipment supplier for the California wine and food industry. Lines include custom conveyor belts and urethane parts, water tanks, pumps, hoses, tank trailers, sprayer parts and much more.
Green Valley Tractor
Celebrating 50 Years 1972 - 2022
H&W Equipment
H&W Equipment has served the grape growing industry in Canada and the Eastern US with high-quality European equipment for vineyards for more than 20 years.
Harvest Parts Co.
Specializing in Vineyards Equipment Aftermarket Grape Harvester Parts
HotSpot AG
Irrigation automation. Engine, pump, valve and fertigation control, monitoring and scheduling. Weather, soil moisture and Tule Integration.
Infaco USA
Infaco offers battery-powered tools to help vineyard managers improve efficiency, lower costs and eliminate injuries. Infaco's network of repair facilities across the US offer quick service for customers.
Integrity Wine Company, LLC
We offer Custom Mobile pressing in the field & at the winery, Portable Wine Tank rentals, Integrity Insert juice separators for Macrobins.
Ionode manufactures pH and ion selective electrodes. Established in 1972 and incorporating the latest innovations in electrode manufacturing technology, Ionode serves global customers from its manufacturing facility located in Tennyson, Australia.
Jim's Supply Co.
Our on-site production plant allows us to produce customized trellising systems. By going straight to the source, growers can save money while also receiving high-quality materials. We also provide an extensive selection of field supplies.
JPR Systems, Inc.
JPR Systems is a manufacturer's representative and service provider of leading process measurement and control equipment on the West Coast for a variety of industries.
Kencove Farm Fence Supplies
High-tensile wire, Gripple products, wire splicers and anchors, exclusion fence, tensioning tools, wood and composite posts, spinning jennies, hydraulic post drivers, posts, gates and more.
Lakeview Vineyard Equipment, Inc.
Sales and service of new and used; grape harvesters, tractors, vineyard/orchard sprayers, wind machines, mechanical pre-pruners and vine trimmers, mechanical leaf removers, cultivators, electric hand pruners and more!
LI-COR Biosciences
Leaf area meters, plant canopy analyzer, portable photosynthesis system, handheld porometer/fluorometer, automated soil flux system, light sensors and CO2/H2O & CH4 analyzers.
Linde Vineyard Supply
Domestic steel trellising, harvest products, deer fencing, bird netting, grow tubes. Serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.
McFinn Technologies
US-FIP® flexible impeller pumps and Bowpeller pumps are manufactured in the US: 4 models in 5 configurations. All units utilize standard US voltages, single phase or three-phase power and are controlled by a wireless remote control.
Megazyme is your trusted partner for quality control in the wine industry. Our enzyme-based assay kits measure the key analytes influencing wine quality, consistency, and taste and our loyal customers include some of the biggest names in winemaking.
Michelin North America Inc.
Supporting farmers since 1948, the Kleber brand was acquired by Michelin in 1981. Dedicated to the agricultural market, Kleber manufactures radial tires for tractors and sprayers, as well as agricultural inner tubes. Kleber products are sold worldwid
Microbottler and Canner with DK Advanced Technologies
Microbottler and canning counterpressure bottle and can filling/ closing, seaming machines that can be customized to meet customers needs at our machine shop, DK Machine.
Morgan Manufacturing Inc.
Morgan Mfg produces harvest bin corner irons, galvanized, plastic & aluminum vee boards, load protective irons, tarp guards and winch bars. The leading manufacturer of aluminum vee boards and winch bars used to secure harvest bins without damage.
Munckhof Manufacturing
Canadian OEM manufacturer of a full line of equipment including sprayers, pre-pruners, trimmers/hedgers, sweepers and bin handling/dumping.
Onset - HOBO Data Loggers
For reliable, accurate data under tough environmental conditions, HOBO data loggers and weather stations are easily deployed to measure and record temperature, humidity, light, rainfall, soil moisture, and a variety of other parameters.
Our advanced agriculture technology platforms enable commercial growers to harness, optimize and better utilize sunlight to maximize yield and accelerate growth with no need for additional chemicals or fertilizers.
Orchard-Rite / Pacific Distributing, Inc.
Orchard-Rite is the industry leader in stationary & portable wind machines, providing growers the ultimate in frost protection technology. PDI offers factory trained service to keep machines serviced before frost season. All parts are 100% OEM parts.
Pedroncelli Mobile Bottling, Inc.
PMB is a full-service mobile bottling company, specializing in high-end wines and unique packages. PMB offers the highest quality finished product with cutting edge bottling lines. 25+ Years of experience in the bottling industry.
Plantra, Inc.
Plantra, Inc. is a leading horticulture manufacturing company specializing in vineyard, nursery and forestry products including Jump Start Grow Tubes for vines and orchard trees, AviGard bird netting and Ty-N-Gro premium tie tape.
Redback Boots
Redback boasts ultimate comfort, intelligent design and technological innovation with every product we make. Providing slip on, lace up and zip up styles of footwear for everyday wear.
Rinieri North America
RINIERI specializes in manufacturing innovative equipment for the orchard and vineyard market.
Monitor the weight in real-time for: Bunch weight monitoring, irrigation impacts, heat impact monitoring, data for yield estimates
Root Applied Sciences
Confidence to spray only when necessary. Root brings agriculture into the future. Fully automated in-field sensors At Root Applied Sciences, we are building tools to alert farmers when fungal pathogens arrive.
SNA Manufacturing
Your complete source for liquid sprayer components with NPT, BSP and fork fittings, rate control systems, control boxes, joysticks, manifolds, compressors, and professional pruning tools serving the vineyard community for more that 20 years.
Custom built progressive cavity pumps made in accordance to FDA guidelines and 3A standards, OEM parts, and service for applications including must handling, transfer, chemical metering, waste disposal and wastewater and water treatment.
Crop management platform & sensor network gives you the tools needed to predict & respond to insect, disease, frost, irrigation & vine health conditions in real-time from 1 simple login. Full-service installation, maintenance, & monitoring included.
The Sentinelâ„¢ system monitors up to 12 environmental and equipment status conditions including temperature, humidity, water detection and power failure. Instant notification by phone, text or email allows personnel to take quick, corrective action.
Shellt Grow Tubes - Mariplast North America Inc.
High quality grow tubes, designed to achieve the best protection and accelerated growth of young grape vines. Ready to use, with quick installation, no ties or tools needed. Efficient, robust, reusable and 100% recyclable. Made in the USA.
Spring Brook Supply
Supplier and distributor of drip irrigation, constant pressure pump stations, chemical injection, frost protection, wire-less valve technology, air blast and canon crop sprayers, pruning tools, and other orchard equipment.
TAC Water & Misting Systems
Manufacturers of humidity control systems as well as reverse osmosis water systems.
Our California office focuses on vineyard management and water conservation.
Trimble Navigation, Ltd.
Trimble precision viticulture solutions can help you identify in-field variability, improve vineyard management and create a sustainable operation. Leverage decades of precision farming experience to improve the life cycle of your vineyard.
Plant water use and water stress measurements. Site-specific irrigation recommendations help you achieve your quality and yield goals.
UV Boosting
UV Boosting offers Helios Vigne, an equipment stimulating vines' natural defenses through UV light. When stimulated, the vineyard is more resistant to fungus disease (powdery mildew, downy mildew, black rot...) and other stresses (droughts, frost...)
Union Jack
Conveniently shop online for the largest selection of crush pad tools, harvest bins, rakes, forks, shovels, mixing paddles, punch-downs, food hoes, tank brushes, squeegees and other hygienic tools for wineries & vineyards. Shipping to US & Canada.
Vigneron Toy Store
Helping those who cultivate grapes for winemaking as we would our own from the east coast to the mid-west. Our mission is to maximize your time & increase your profits. As vine farmers, we are dedicated to helping your growing process be as effortless & efficient as possible. The brand we chose is none other than ID-DAVID. This company is dedicated to the development, construction and evolution of specialized agricultural machinery meant to facilitate and improve profitability.
Rotary lobe pumps for must, lees, pomace and pump over.
Western Square Industries
Barrel racks, barrel washing systems, harvest bins and trailers. Barrel room ladders, shade trailers and chicken coops. Available in mild steel and stainless steel.
Westside Equipment Co.
Westside Equipment’s centrally located operations allow us to conveniently serve the entire global agricultural community.
Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply
Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply has provided the Yakima area with professional and affordable irrigation services for over 15 years. High-quality products and labor procedures ensure optimum system performance and customer satisfaction.
Mobile services: crossflow filtration, VA adjustment, lees filtration, Brettanomyces treatment, DE pressure leaf, 4EP/4EG removal, TCA/TBA removal, de-alcholization and smoke taint removal.
Worldwide Vineyards
Expert in the field-grafting of grapevines since 1985, W.V. specializes in budding techniques (T-bud, Chip-bud) and provides grafting services all over the world.
Zap Labeler
We Make and Sell Labeling, Filling and Packaging Systems to Help Small Businesses Grow.




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