Wastewater Treatment

Aeration Industries International
Your partner for meeting permit requirements, easy installation,durable equipment with simple maintenance, load variation accommodations, energy consumption reduction, odor elimination and quick response rental program for emergency needs.
Supplier of all types of filtration and clarification equipment including crossflow, filter sheets, membranes and pre-filters, Diatomaceous earth, crushpad equipment
Airmaster Aerator
The Airmaster Aerator offer distinct advantages and has proven to replace aerators up to three times the horsepower, resulting in substantial electrical energy savings and maintenance cost savings.
Aquatech International
Aquatech is a global leader in water purification systems and wastewater treatment technology for industrial and infrastructure markets.
Aquatic Bio Science
Biological and/or environmentally safe products designed to degrade nutrients and chemicals in the water column.
Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is an industry-leading manufacturer and service provider of gas generators, blowers, air compressors and vacuum pumps with quality air accessories, piping and 24/7 service support.
Axiom Engineers
Having worked on over 250 winery projects, Axiom Engineers delivers extensive knowledge, experience and value that meets the wine industry requirements of tradition and quality. Expertise in winery refrigeration, processing, facility layout and control.
BioMicrobics, Inc
BioMicrobics BioBarrier® HSMBR® Winery is a wastewater treatment system specifically designed to treat your winery process wastewater, either exclusively or in combination with sanitary wastewater from your tasting rooms and hospitality facilities.
Biosan LLC
Biosan is known for disinfection and sanitation solutions in the form of EPA Registered and FDA Accepted Peracetic Acid. We are experts in chemistry and chemical manufacturing with all research and development conducted in our state-of-the-art facility in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Blankinship & Associates, Inc.
We provide fuel storage, erosion control, pond, wastewater & stormwater permitting consulting services. For the Stormwater Industrial General Permit (IGP), we formed the Northern California Wineries Compliance Group to ease compliance & reduce costs.
Blue-White Industries
Blue-White manufactures CHEM-PRO® and FLEX-PRO® pumps for chemigation, fertigation and similar applications. For processing Sonic-Pro™ Hybrid Ultrasonic flowmeters with non-invasive transducers for clean or dirty fluids.
The Börger BLUELine rotary lobe pump is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump that provides low-shear and gentle handling of mash, must, lees, pomace, pump-over, yeast, whole grapes and other highly viscous materials.
Cambrian Innovation
Cambrian Innovation's modular, automated EcoVolt solutions efficiently treat wastewater while extracting clean energy and clean water, enabling wineries to cut wastewater management costs and achieve sustainability goals.
CentriTek - Industrial Centrifuge Specialists
CentriTEK offers both field and complete shop service for customers using decanter centrifuges. Services include dynamic balancing as well as sales of new and refurbished machines as well as rental systems.
Cisbay Global Inc.
Better soil for farmers, Cisbay helps farmers rejuvenate soil to enhance yield and profitability through innovative microbial technology.
ClearBlu Environmental
Complete wastewater treatment systems including solids separation, pH balancing, pond/tank aeration, bacterial treatments, chemical free algae control, package systems, preventive maintenance service agreements and pond monitoring.
We package winery wastewater solutions. We design build and install non corrosive custom wastewater plants designed to meet clients' discharge requirements, space constraints, reclamation needs and facility design. We also offer full controls and automation packages.
Condor Earth Technologies
Condor Earth Technologies, Inc. is a diversified, multidisciplinary organization providing a variety of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Mapping, GIS, and Construction Management Services to private and public sector clients.
Products for beverage treatment (stabilizers, fining agents, yeast and enzymes, nutrients) and filtration (BECOPAD, the world's first mineral-free filter sheet, BECOdisc stacked filter disc, cartridges, housings and sheet filters).
Elutriate Systems
Engineering Contractor Lic. #788185. Permit, design, install and provide equipment for wastewater systems. Specialize in Bioreactors, which utilize high aeration to achieve very rapid b.o.d. digestion, biodynamics.
Environmental Leverage, Inc.
Wastewater bacterial products and specialized services to complement your existing programs. Wastewater solutions include treatment system audits, environmental and wastewater consulting, troubleshooting and wastewater (state approved) training.
Manufacturing high quality filters and media for distilled spirits and wines since 1932.
Flotek, Inc.
D.O., ph and conductivity probe supplies, peristaltic pumps, - 400 gpm, wastewater treatment systems and tanks.
Fluid Resource Management
Fluid Resource Management offers services in facility evaluations, design build projects, operations, sampling and regulatory reporting, equipment repair and installation, specialty coatings, sludge removal, plastic fabrication, tank repair monitoring, controls and automation, and storm-water monitoring.
Foth Production Solutions
A full range of production solutions for clients, including analysis that frames strategies, client-specific inventions, and entire production line design/build projects. From early conceptualization to successful start-up, Foth delivers flexibility and optimization to your enterprise, driving your business forward.
Graco, Inc.
High quality FDA-compliant diaphragm, piston, and drum pumps provide you higher flow rate, higher efficiency, and less maintenance. Reduce costs and increase your profitability with Graco SaniForce pumps.
Hanna Instruments
Hanna Instruments is the world’s most innovative manufacturer of scientific testing equipment. The company designs, manufactures and supports meters, titration systems, probes, buffers, reagents and related equipment.
Hotsy of Southern California
Hotsy of Southern CA provides cleaning and sanitizing solutions specifically for the food and beverage industry. We design a system that solves your cleaning and sanitizing challenges. We sell solutions for equipment, service, and cleaning agents.
International Lining Technology
When you need expert lining installations of geosynthetics, geomembranes, and geotextiles, you can depend on International Lining Technology. Lining for agriculture, pond.
JPR Systems, Inc.
JPR Systems is a manufacturer's representative and service provider of leading process measurement and control equipment on the West Coast for a variety of industries.
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Inc.
Kennedy Jenks specializes in sustainable process water management and offers a full range of planning, design, construction management and permitting services for new wineries and expansion projects.
Koch Separation Solutions
Providing leading membrane filtration products and systems for wine and lees filtration, and water and wastewater treatment. Hollow fiber membrane technology provides excellent clarity, color, taste, and aroma of high-quality red and white wines.
Heavy-duty mechanical dewatering and drying devices designed for solid/liquid separation applications utilizing equipment such as: Dissolved Air Flotation clarifiers, Screw Press, Vacuum Filters, Belt Filter Presses, K-S Paddle Dryer.
IDCO provides drainage, dewatering, groundwater recharge, and tile system maintenance services nationwide.
Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Mazzei injectors are used for pump-overs during fermentation, adding fining agents and other additives during racking or blending, as part of wastewater aeration and ozone disinfection systems, and for chemigation and fertigation in vineyards.
McClain Ozone, Inc.
Introducing the first Mobile Ozone Sanitation Systems, McClain Ozone pioneered the use of ozone as a natural sanitizer in the California wine industry.
National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
We started in the early 1900s to manufacture pumping and mixing equipment and systems. Since then we have expanded our product lines, created packaged systems and provide aftermarket support to meet customer needs.
NorthBay Equipment Service & Sales
Complete line of Industrial cleaning equipment, in house and in field service, parts and accessories including Hot & Cold Pressure Washers, Steam Generators and Cleaners, Tank & Barrel Cleaning Devices and Floor Care and rentals.
O'Connell Jetting Systems
Sales, service and rentals of hot and cold pressure washers, wash water recycling systems, waste evaporators, parts washers, stationary and portable generators, water blasters. High pressure equipment and accessories up to 40K.
Optek-Danulat, Inc.
Inline instrumentation for fermentation, filtration, separation and effluent process control. Monitor wine quality and color in real-time using optek's UV/VIS/NIR and scattered-light (turbidity) photometric technology.
Owens Pump & Equipment
We offer the premier industrial, municpal pumps and equipment!
P&L Specialties
Custom Manufacturers of High-Performance Crushpad Equipment designed to increase yield, while saving time and labor. Whole-cluster metering, MOG removal for Optical Sorters and long-lasting conveyors. US Dist. for MAS Presses.
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
Gas & electric service.
Pall Corporation
Solutions for wine clarification: Seitz® depth filter media, Oenoflow™ XL platforms (cross flow systems) for wineries of all sizes, Oenoflow™ HS platforms (cross flow systems) for recovery of valuable product from juice lees, wine lees and wine.
ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.
Global manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, water quality instrumentation, specialized disinfection equipment, and pre-engineered or custom skidded systems serving the water and wastewater industries.
RF MacDonald Co.
Sales and service of pumps, boilers and heat exchangers for many winery applications. Applications include pumping must, whole clusters, pomace, racking and bottling. Boilers for use in plant washdown, barrel cleaning operations and heating glycol.
RAM Engineering & Steve Martin Associates, Inc.
Wastewater and civil engineering services, with expertise in the wine industry.
Resource West
Resource West provides industrial evaporators to evaporate wastewater, production water and storm runoff water under a variety of conditions. Our goal is to optimize and maximize your operations.
Revida Water
Water renewal.
Custom built progressive cavity pumps made in accordance to FDA guidelines and 3A standards, OEM parts, and service for applications including must handling, transfer, chemical metering, waste disposal and wastewater and water treatment.
Shelco Filters
Shelco Filters offers a full line of high purity filter housings and cartridges to provide complete filter solutions for the winemaking industry.
Smith & Loveless, Inc.
TITAN MBR and WINERY FAST wastewater treatment systems for treating high-strength wastewater and domestic sewage for wineries. Upgrades aeration pond and leach fields for meeting regulations.
Summit Engineering, Inc.
Planning, permitting, site design, wastewater management, structural design, structure renovation, erosion control, civil engineering, project management assistance and electrical engineering.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a full range of electrochemistry and liquid analysis products including meters and electrodes for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen as well as sensors, analyzers and spectrophotometers for water monitoring.
Trionetic’s integrated wastewater treatment solutions are manufactured in-house, bringing a wealth of experience and technology to the table. Trionetics is a market leader in the provision of water and wastewater treatment solutions to industrial, municipal, and recreational customers.
Triplepoint Environmental
Lagoons, industrial wastewater.
Vertiflo Pump Co.
The Vertiflo Pump Co. offers portable, horizontal centrifugal pumps that transport must, fruit or juice to tanks and presses up to 3000 gpm and 300-foot heads. Vertiflo's pumps are delivered fast, usually in half the typical lead time.
Rotary lobe pumps for must, lees, pomace and pump over.
WSI International
DAF w/ upfront TSS removal to 90% prior to biological treatment, packaged plants, smaller footprint, Solids Management Program, up front pricing includes engineering, guaranteed performance meeting EPA guidelines. Expandable mobile units are also available. We are a design build engineering firm.
Wallace Group
Feasibility studies, permit support, wastewater treatment master planning/systems, water reclamation system design, Swanson Advanced Integrated Pond Systems (AIPS), constructed wetlands, packaged treatment systems. Design, build and operate.
Wastewater Diversion Systems
Fox Environmental Systems, constant monitoring system for stormwater. A Fox CMS600 System will monitor the runoff from a site and ensure that it is free from soluble pollutants. EEE, Inc. high speed floating aerators for wastewater treatment plants.
WaterIQ Technologies
Scientific, sustainable algae and biofilm control. WaterIQ Technologies water treatment solutions control algae and biofilm to help restore water ecosystems to their natural states through industry-leading technology and customer support-not chemicals.
Mobile services: VA, smoke taint, & other wine taint removals; alcohol adjustment, crossflow, ultrafiltration, juice/wine concentration and tartrate stabilization. Premium grape spirits high proof for sanitation. High color wine. Wastewater recovery




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