Quick field tests for malic acid, residual sugar, free SO2, & titratable acidity. Accurate, disposable tests with no lab equipment/training needed. Our tests are relied upon by winemakers and food producers globally.
Agri-Analysis, LLC
State-of the-art tests to detect grapevine pathogens--bacteria, fungi and viruses. Pierce's Disease. Vine decline. We help protect your investments!
Agrovin USA
Agrovin provides the highest quality winemaking materials, equipment and services for every step of the production and test processes. Including: fining agents, stabilizers, fermentation nutrients for winemaking, Oxygen/CO2 Management, and more.
BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems LLC
BevTrac serves the wine industry by providing specialized technical expertise in the fields of sanitation and quality assurance/quality control (GMP,HACCP) while providing the added value of analytical and microbiological laboratory testing services.
Bin to Bottle Winery
Crushing, fermenting, storing, blending, creating, bottling, canning or bagging,— we’ve got your “ing�! End-to-end solutions for custom crush, consulting, production, packaging, private label and RTD's. We've got it all.
CSP Labs
Virus indexing, disease identification, virus eradication, micro-propagation. Variety identification by DNA markers, marker assisted selection for breeders, embryo rescue.
Core Enology Group
Laboratory, quality assurance and OSHA consultation services; Sales and technical support for Tonnellerie de Mercurey; Reasonably priced panels, based wine and juice analysis through Core Enology Analytical Services.
Creative Oak
California-made French and American oak alternatives available in tank and barrel styles. Choose between fire or convection toasts in a variety of flavor profiles.
ETS Laboratories
ETS offers a complete toolkit of analytical tools and expertise to support the art of winemaking, including the industry's largest selection of A2LA-accredited analyses, with more than 40 methods using 17 technologies accredited to ISO 17025:2005.
Erica Orr Wines
Individual juice and wine chemical analyses are available. In addition, panels of chemical analyses, which are grouped according to the stage of winemaking, are offered at reduced pricing. We also offer comprehensive winemaking consulting services including in-depth confidential custom analysis, result interpretation, on-site consultation, and production recommendations.
Gusmer Enterprises
Gusmer offers a full line of solutions for the wine industry including fermentation and processing aids, filtration media and equipment, analytical products and instrumentation, processing equipment and analytical laboratory services.
Lodi Wine Laboratory
Analytical services; consultation; lab and cellar chemicals, winery and home-winemaking supplies.
Metrohm USA, Inc.
Wine laboratory and environmental testing instruments include titrators, pH meters and liquid handling systems. Automate pH, TA, SO2 and many more analytical methods. Precision instruments and expert support for wine laboratories.
Lab analysis, winemaker consulting, cellar products, & laboratory supplies. Full data panels. Low cost service. Free courier in service area. Reagents, glassware, yeast, enzymes, cellar chemicals, stainless hardware, cleaning tools, filters & safety.
Parker Bioscience Filtration
Products and solutions developed to provide the required quality at every stage of the winemaking process, while protecting the unique characteristics of your wine, increasing process efficiency and giving customers greater control.
Tri-Cities Wine Lab LLC
Grape, or grist, to glass analytical services.
Vinmetrica specializes in products for wine analysis, with a focus on simplicity, low cost and quality. Wine testing for SO2, TA, malic acid, alcohol by volume, residual sugar and pH.
We provide measurements of phenolic compounds found in red wine and we collaborate closely with our clients on the use of this information.




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