Facing a challenging commodity landscape and increased pressure to improve crop yield and decrease input use, many growers are turning to AeroVironment's fully integrated drone based ecosystem.
Carbon Bee
Carbon Bee AgTech's aim is to offer solutions for accurately measuring plant health, such as disease detection and advanced plant recognition, particularly of weeds, to help farmers in their transition using digital technologies.
Our drones offer farmers the longest flight times on the market and resilience in harsh weather. The mdCockpit app simplifies flight planning, monitoring, and analysis – and allows you to survey the same field the same way as many times as you wish.
Ray Carlson & Associates
Ray Carlson and Associates, Inc. provides GIS/LIS, surveys, GPS, mapping, AVA's, aerial photos and data management. Let us provide our services for effective land management.
Sentera is the global leader in remote sensing tools for permanent crops using sensors, software and data analytics. Sentera's sensors use machine learning and computer vision to help growers produce greater profits with less effort.
Swift Engineering
Get precise & frequent image-based data for optimizing crop, field and livestock conditions.
Trimble Navigation, Ltd.
Trimble precision viticulture solutions can help you identify in-field variability, improve vineyard management and create a sustainable operation. Leverage decades of precision farming experience to improve the life cycle of your vineyard.
UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture
Our mobile enterprise software enables you to turn your drone-acquired precision agriculture data into actionable information. Mitigate loss, optimize resources and improve your yields.
Vinbound Marketing
Vinbound Marketing is based in Oregon's Willamette Valley and provides a full range of website development and digital marketing services to wineries throughout North America and beyond.




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