Fertilizer and Chemicals

AEF Global Biopesticides
Insecticides for the American market.
Advancing Eco Agriculture
AEA's organic liquid fertilizers and crop systems help fruit and vegetable growers make more money with regenerative agriculture across the country.
Ag-Liner Inc.
Ag-Liner is the exclusive supplier of Dura-Line and Fruit-Line monofilaments. Ideal for vineyard trellising, orchards, stone fruits, shade covers, netting and deer fencing. Once stretched and tied, forget it forever.
A ready-to-use flowable emulsion for control of crown gall, burr and olive knot bacterial diseases on certain fruit and nut trees, vines, ornamentals.
A fungicide unlike any other. Protect your crops with the revolutionary power of However fungicide.
AgroLiquid works with innovative growers who want to increase soil quality, conserve soil moisture and optimize inputs. Our full line of crop nutrients are developed to sustainably produce more crops with less applied fertilizer.
Amazing Doctor Zymes
Insecticide and fungicide for use on organic crops.
Ancient Organics Bioscience
We created the best microbial inoculant on the market, PaleoPower, designed to improve plant and soil health with our cross-feeding consortium of beneficial microbes.
Growing grapes is your expertise. Protecting them is ours. Designed to help growers throughout the season, our branded-generic insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides deliver excellent performance and are supported by the expertise and service you trust. Protect your vineyards from insects, disease, and weeds with Atticus.
BASF Crop Protection
BASF Crop Protection helps growers get the most out of every acre. It is a complete solutions provider that offers a variety of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides that support the highest level of vineyard protection.
Biobest NV is a leading authority in biological pollination and pest control. Biobest produces and commercializes more than 30 kinds of beneficial insects and mites, which are used for biological crop protection.
Birko Corp.
Birko sells food-grade acids, environmentally friendly cleaners, EPA registered sanitizers, and chemical dispensing equipment.
Certis Biologicals
We are a leading manufacturer of bio-based products, with innovative technologies and production expertise spanning from fermentation to formulation.
Cisbay Global Inc.
Better soil for farmers, Cisbay helps farmers rejuvenate soil to enhance yield and profitability through innovative microbial technology.
We manufacture organic, biological-based amendments for large-scale agriculture, retail sales, and bioremediation projects.
Deerpoint Group, Inc.
Chemical water treatment and continuous fertigation for irrigation systems: preventing deposits, eliminating algae and bacteria, clearing systems., total management approach to water treatment and fertigation, including automated delivery systems and service.
Diamond K Gypsum
If you are looking to increase crop yield and improved quality, Diamond K can provide you with the right products to succeed.
Double A Vineyards, Inc.
Complete line of American, hybrid, vinifera and seedless grapevines. Cornell and Minnesota varieties. Geneva, New York breeding program varieties. Vineyard supplies, disease and pest management supplies and reference books.
Drake Enterprises, Inc.
Farm management company in Temecula, CA. Installing and managing vineyards. Also brokerage firm that sells wine grapes of properties we manage.
Enartis USA
Premium Winemaking Products
Fairhaven Vineyards
1 liter container-grown vines. Vineyard drip irrigation supplies, vineyard planting supplies, trellising materials. Advanced planting mixes and organic fertilizers. Commercial/hobby vineyard design and installation. Licensed irrigation installation.
Finger Lakes Trellis Supply
Innovative vineyard and orchard products.
Gowan Co.
Gowan Co. is a family-owned provider of quality crop protection solutions for specialty crops and niche markets of agriculture. Our products include insecticides/miticides, fungicides and herbicides.
Bio fertilizers and bio pesticides.
Industrial Fumigant Co
Industrial Fumigant Co (IFC) offers a comprehensive list of products and services. Clients trust us to handle all of their pest management needs, keeping them in full compliance while feeling confident that their brands are protected under IFC’s care
JH Biotech
Discover plant protection that’s tough on pests and weeds but gentle on the environment, with safe and efficient pesticides and repellants.
Kalala Organic Estate Winery
Wine tasting (free), tours with appointment only.
Since its inception in 1980, KeyPlex has been a leader in plant nutrition, biocontrols and oil-based botanical research. The company’s offerings are part art and part science – helping growers to unlock the complexity of plant health and vector control.
LiveEarth Products
Premium humic and fulvic acid manufacturer for 30 years.
ProFarm Group - Marrone Bio Innovations
Integrated pest management and protection for grapes. Powdery mildew, mealybugs, leafrollers, botrytis and more.
Meras Water Solutions
Water Treatment, Sanitizers, Cleaners, Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Cooling Towers, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Glycol Loops, Chemicals, Wastewater
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC. is a leading company in the development and production of foliar nutrients and adjuvants with more than 80 years experience in the agricultural and horticultural markets.
Minerals Technologies
KWK Krystal Klear clay, a fining agent with a unique chemical structure, can be added to your wine before or after fermentation. Also offering KWK Food Grade and custom-blended bentonite for wine clarification.
Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer
Cold processed hydrolyzed fish fertilizer increases yields, brix and vine health. Seaweed fertilizer increases shelf-life and helps with fungus problems. Crab shell fertilizer provides calcium and helps with nematodes, fungus and more.
Norcal Ag Service, Inc.
Norcal Ag Service is where to buy compost and other organic soil amendments like gypsum, limestone, sulfur, cow manure, chicken manure in bulk for vineyards. We also provide soil stabilization, erosion control and dust control.
Nurture Growth Bio
Innovative microbial organic fertilizer.
Nutrient Technologies
We make essential plant nutrient products designed for use as foliar sprays and soil treatments. Wine grapes in particular love our Tech-Spray Hi-K 0-26-28 to improve brix and Tech-Flo Hi-Mag.
Oro Agri, Inc. is a global manufacturer specializing in environmentally-friendly patented adjuvants, insecticides, foliar nutrients and soil penetrants for the agricultural market.
OVS - Orchard & Vineyard Supply
Orchard & Vineyard Supply carries trellising, training, pruning, irrigation, harvest, post-harvest, ag fabrics, and wildlife control products. We offer a larger product and category selection than anyone in the industry.
Pacific Calcium, Inc. - Nature's Intent
Manufacturer of a line of soil amendments and fertilizers approved for organic farming.
Persist by VGrid Energy
Persistâ„¢ all-natural biochar and PAF liquid plant enhancer are proudly manufactured by VGrid Energy Systems, a California-based clean energy producer.
Plantra, Inc.
Plantra, Inc. is a leading horticulture manufacturing company specializing in vineyard, nursery and forestry products including Jump Start Grow Tubes for vines and orchard trees, AviGard bird netting and Ty-N-Gro premium tie tape.
Pratum Co-op Agronomy
Pratum Co-op is an agricultural cooperative dedicated to innovative solutions, excellent service, and long-term relationships. Fertilizer, crop protection and petroleum products.
Precision Laboratories
Water management, adjuvants, nutrition for specialty crops.
PureCrop1 is a Biostimulant, Fungicide and Insecticide. PureCrop1 will provide outstanding control of Powdery Mildew and Leafhoppers as well as increasing sugars and accelerating harvest dates. PC1 is also a tremendous surfactant and penetrant.
SAN Agrow
We manufacture and distribute liquid fertilizers and plant protection products for both organic and conventional agriculture.
SePRO Corporation
SePRO Ag offers unique fungicide, herbicide and algaecide products for permanent crop producers. New biofungicides, viricides and bioinsecticides are currently in the development pipeline & will be added soon.
Sigma Marine Products
Factory Direct Marine Fertilizers. Fish Emulsion, Fish Flakes, Fish Meal, Fish Soluble,
Sustainable Growing Solutions LLC
SGS manufactures microbial inoculants and specialty nutrient products, both conventional and organic, for commercial agriculture. SGS makes compost teas, selected microbe inoculants, microbe food and nutrient packages, and Chitin based products.
Sym-Agro, Inc.
Sym-Agro develops and markets high efficacy biological and bio chemical pesticides
Tessenderlo Kerley Inc
Our diverse product portfolio addresses the challenges of modern agriculture by combining essential nutrients to improve soil health, increase water infiltration and maximize nutrient uptake. Products include: KTS, CaTs, Mag-Thio, Thio-Sul and more.
UV Boosting
UV Boosting offers Helios Vigne, an equipment stimulating vines' natural defenses through UV light. When stimulated, the vineyard is more resistant to fungus disease (powdery mildew, downy mildew, black rot...) and other stresses (droughts, frost...)
Vine Vitality
Vine Vitality is an all-purpose, liquid concentrate, all-natural fish & kelp fertilizer developed to revitalize plants in a safe and balanced way, expanding root growth and rebuilding the soil. Ideally suited for vineyards. Also an OMRI formula.
Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness
Water management. Caters to dealers and farmers with fertilizers and chemicals; manufacturing company.




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