Vineyard Svcs

Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc.
Vineyard design, development, management and consultation. Custom grapevine propagation. Vineyard management in Oregon.
Advanced Viticulture, Inc.
Viticulture consulting, specializing in water management, vine nutrition, vineyard design, vineyard climate and instrumentation. Vineyard management services for premium winegrape vineyards.
Agricultural Electronics Corp.
Direct inside-the-vine measurement of nitrate, potassium and phosphate ions, berry quality, water content. Measurements: every half hour 24/7/52.
AgroLiquid works with innovative growers who want to increase soil quality, conserve soil moisture and optimize inputs. Our full line of crop nutrients are developed to sustainably produce more crops with less applied fertilizer.
We aggregate weather, NDVI imagery, soil properties, and irrigation within the VSIM water balance model to deliver weekly forecasts at the block scale that include info on canopy size, leaf water potential, and recommended irrigation.
Amberg Grapevines, LLC
Vinifera, hybrid, native, cold hardy and new varieties on the rootstock of your choice. Vineyard consulting.
AmigoCloud, Inc.
Mobile GIS and GPS software suite providing operations and management personnel with real time mapping tools for the vineyard, farm and production facilities. Runs on iOS and Android with a web-based dashboard.
Argos Analytics, LLC
Climate risk analysis and adaptation planning, including vineyard and variety specific projections of future climatic conditions, and their viticultural implications, and assistance in creating and validating plans for adapting to them.
Ramsey N Aswad Co - Wine Grape Brokers
Winegrape brokers since 1986. A comprehensive grape brokerage service to the wine industry and the grower community. Providing wineries with a dependable supply of quality grapes, offering growers access to buyers.
B C Wine Studio
We are a full service consulting group specializing in winemaking, wine business, viticulture, wine sales and marketing and wine ingredients.
Headquartered in California with research and development in Israel, our team of commercial beekeepers and food growers, engineers and entrepreneurs, and industry-renowned scientists work around the globe and around the clock to maximize every pollination cycle.
Blankinship & Associates, Inc.
We provide fuel storage, erosion control, pond, wastewater & stormwater permitting consulting services. For the Stormwater Industrial General Permit (IGP), we formed the Northern California Wineries Compliance Group to ease compliance & reduce costs.
Dellavalle Laboratory, Inc.
Provide laboratory analyses: soil, plant tissue & waters (ag, domestic & wastewater). Certified soil scientists/crop advisers available for fertilizer recommendation, plant nutrient, sodium & salinity management.
Double A Vineyards, Inc.
Complete line of American, hybrid, vinifera and seedless grapevines. Cornell and Minnesota varieties. Geneva, New York breeding program varieties. Vineyard supplies, disease and pest management supplies and reference books.
ETS Laboratories
ETS offers a complete toolkit of analytical tools and expertise to support the art of winemaking, including the industry's largest selection of A2LA-accredited analyses, with more than 40 methods using 17 technologies accredited to ISO 17025:2005.
Fairhaven Vineyards
1 liter container-grown vines. Vineyard drip irrigation supplies, vineyard planting supplies, trellising materials. Advanced planting mixes and organic fertilizers. Commercial/hobby vineyard design and installation. Licensed irrigation installation.
Geologic and hydrogeologic studies to locate new water well locations. Well design services and Water well consultation. Pump test analysis and water resource evaluations.
GO Seed - Grassland Oregon
Cover Crops specifically bred, developed and trialed for vineyards. Our products help you work with nature to improve productivity. If your goals are to address compaction, erosion, manage nitrogen or attract pollinators we have you 'covered'.
Guillaume Grapevine Nursery
Production and sale of certified grapevines, potted, dormant bare-rooted, grafted and own-rooted. ENTAV-INRA licence. Consulting and advice on clone and rootstock selection for vineyard development projects.
HeavyConnect is the world's easiest food safety compliance app. Manage food safety across your operation. Data collection app.
JFS Enterpises
Vineyard removal specialists. Vineyard grinding, deep ripping and all aspects of land development.
Judit Monis Vineyard Health Consultant
Vineyard health consultant
Kalala Organic Estate Winery
Wine tasting (free), tours with appointment only.
Linde Vineyard Supply
Domestic steel trellising, harvest products, deer fencing, bird netting, grow tubes. Serving Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.
M&D Honey
Our honey bees pollinate a variety of orchards, crops, and fields throughout the year in California.
Manna Ranch/Acampo Ag Service
Manna Ranch Inc. is a full service ag company. Provides service for all aspects of the grape and vineyard industry.
Oliveira Enterprises
Vineyard removal, grinding and chip spreading.
Peltier Winery
Grapes; Custom Crush; Bulk Wine; Bulk Storage; Wine making; Packaged Wine(187ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, keg, etc)
Plantra, Inc.
Plantra, Inc. is a leading horticulture manufacturing company specializing in vineyard, nursery and forestry products including Jump Start Grow Tubes for vines and orchard trees, AviGard bird netting and Ty-N-Gro premium tie tape.
Pollen Systems
Precision farming grows better grapes. Pollen Systems is reducing farming costs by managing crop yields, resource allocation and pests and diseases.
Process2Wine - Wine Management Systems
Process2Wine is cloud-based and mobile software exclusively designed for wine production. Plan, track and manage all the work on your estate from vine to bottle and get comprehensive reports on your vine growing and winemaking operations.
Ray Carlson & Associates
Ray Carlson and Associates, Inc. provides GIS/LIS, surveys, GPS, mapping, AVA's, aerial photos and data management. Let us provide our services for effective land management.
Root Applied Sciences
Confidence to spray only when necessary. Root brings agriculture into the future. Fully automated in-field sensors At Root Applied Sciences, we are building tools to alert farmers when fungal pathogens arrive.
Scout is a modern AI powered farm management data platform designed to assist vineyard managers, viticulturist and vineyard operations personnel make data driven decisions throughout the growing season.
Sustainable Growing Solutions LLC
SGS manufactures microbial inoculants and specialty nutrient products, both conventional and organic, for commercial agriculture. SGS makes compost teas, selected microbe inoculants, microbe food and nutrient packages, and Chitin based products.
The Bracero Group
Welcome to The Bracero Group - Specialists in securing H-2A workers. We specialize in managing H-2A program applications for row crop farmers, open range ranchers, nurseries, orchards, vineyard owners, etc. to legally secure agricultural workers.
UAV-IQ Precision Agriculture
UAV-IQ offers BioDrop Biological Pest Control by drone service, a CDPR IPM Achievement Award recipient. We help create customized biocontrol plans, procure top-quality beneficial insects & mites and apply them efficiently by using proven technology.
Vine Shepherd
Vineyard management, consulting, pest control.
PureVine Pro identifies missing & dead vines, provides vineyard metrics, creates targeted scouting zones & detects pest & disease risk areas. EVI provides insight into the uniformity of vigor. CWC measures leaf water content for irrigation planning.
Vineyard Professional Services
Providing a full range of vineyard services, including site selection, soils and water evaluation, rootstock and scion selection, vineyard layout and development, vineyard management, harvest and consulting.
Worldwide Vineyards
Expert in the field-grafting of grapevines since 1985, W.V. specializes in budding techniques (T-bud, Chip-bud) and provides grafting services all over the world.




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