Design and Equipment

A&J Vineyard Supply, Inc.
A & J Vineyard Supply offers a comprehensive line of vineyard trellising systems and supplies. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to serve you, regardless of size or budget.
Advanced Viticulture, Inc.
Viticulture consulting, specializing in water management, vine nutrition, vineyard design, vineyard climate and instrumentation. Vineyard management services for premium winegrape vineyards.
AgFast Corp.
We sell: AgLok, Continuous AgLok, BranchLok, DripLok, TrellisLok, Continuous TrellisLok, WireVise, WireLink, Vinyl-Tye, GreenTie.
Agricultural Electronics Corp.
Direct inside-the-vine measurement of nitrate, potassium and phosphate ions, berry quality, water content. Measurements: every half hour 24/7/52.
AgTech Insight
We are a global, full spectrum Agriculture & Tech consulting firm with the experience and proven methods to tackle any project using the best tools today while planning for the future. By tracking over 3,000 digital AgTech companies around the globe we get past the smoke and mirrors to work with real companies to make a huge impact on the world’s food supply.
Amarillo Wind Machine Co.
New and used wind machines; 24-hour service on all makes and models; full spare parts inventory.
Arable’s integrated hardware, agronomic modeling, and software suite helps viticulturalists and vineyard managers understand the full crop system at the plant, microclimate, and field levels, reducing risk and optimizing sustainability.
BioMicrobics, Inc
BioMicrobics BioBarrier® HSMBR® Winery is a wastewater treatment system specifically designed to treat your winery process wastewater, either exclusively or in combination with sanitary wastewater from your tasting rooms and hospitality facilities.
Ceres Imaging
Irrigation insights that grow farm profits—powered by high-resolution aerial data and advanced analytics. We’re a team of diverse subject-matter experts, from agronomists and PCAs to engineers and astrophysicists. We’re passionate about agriculture
Deep Root Distribution
Pinpoint delivery technology. Uses new or existing drip to deliver subsurface water on a vine per vine basis, with savings in excess of 40%. Eliminates surface runoff, controls weeds, maximizes fertigation and encourages deeper root growth.
Deerpoint Group, Inc.
Chemical water treatment and continuous fertigation for irrigation systems: preventing deposits, eliminating algae and bacteria, clearing systems., total management approach to water treatment and fertigation, including automated delivery systems and service.
Ditch Witch West
Ditch Witch Standing Skid Steers can be adapted to serve the wine industry for spraying, mowing, harvesting and material handling like bins @ harvest. Safe. Manages slopes better than conventional tractors. Small turning radius.
Drake Enterprises, Inc.
Farm management company in Temecula, CA. Installing and managing vineyards. Also brokerage firm that sells wine grapes of properties we manage.
Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.
Advice and solutions for irrigation, plastic mulch film, floating row covers, greenhouse and nursery equipment, vineyard and orchard equipment and the effective use of plastic picking basket, harvest containers and harvest bins.
Dynamax, Inc.
Dynamax supplies irrigation management tools and soil moisture meters. We have accurate soil moisture irrigation controls, portable soil moisture sensors, ET-weather stations and sap flow systems.
EP Aeration
EP Aeration specializes in the design, sales, maintenance and installation of water treatment products for winery wastewater and irrigation reservoirs.
Eno Scientific LLC
Eno Scientific is the world leader in non contact water level monitoring. Our Patented sonic technology is the only one in the world that boasts the ability to monitor wells from piezometer tubes up to large commercial production wells. Our externally mounted sonic water level sensors, introduce a low frequency sound wave into the well casing and determine a water level after evaluating the pulse’s reflection off the water’s surface. Utilizing the low frequencies allows our sensors to monitor around the installed pump equipment, wiring and stabilizers. They can also read in any direction, at any grade or around bends, curves or angles in the casing.
Fairhaven Vineyards
1 liter container-grown vines. Vineyard drip irrigation supplies, vineyard planting supplies, trellising materials. Advanced planting mixes and organic fertilizers. Commercial/hobby vineyard design and installation. Licensed irrigation installation.
Finger Lakes Trellis Supply
Innovative vineyard and orchard products.
Gorman-Rupp Co.
Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps have proven themselves in major industrial applications across the country. Each delivers outstanding performance and excellent return on investment.
Soil moisture profile probes
HotSpot AG
Irrigation automation. Engine, pump, valve and fertigation control, monitoring and scheduling. Weather, soil moisture and Tule Integration.
International Lining Technology
When you need expert lining installations of geosynthetics, geomembranes, and geotextiles, you can depend on International Lining Technology. Lining for agriculture, pond.
Irrometer Co.
Irrometer Co. has been in business since 1951, manufacturing soil moisture measuring, monitoring and sampling instruments used worldwide for scheduling irrigation.
Laurel Ag & Water
For more than 30 years, Lodi Pump and Irrigation (LPI) has provided Northern and Central California agricultural concerns with state-of-the-art pump and irrigation systems. With a reputation for personal service and effective system design, our family-owned business has grown to become one of the regions largest and best respected providers.
Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Mazzei injectors are used for pump-overs during fermentation, adding fining agents and other additives during racking or blending, as part of wastewater aeration and ozone disinfection systems, and for chemigation and fertigation in vineyards.
Nelson Irrigation
In the field, on the road, and in the lab, we’re working to solve your irrigation problems before they crop up. We are Nelson Irrigation.
Netafim USA
Netafim USA is the global leader in drip irrigation products. We manufacture the highest quality and widest selection of precision drip/micro irrigation products.
OVS - Orchard & Vineyard Supply
Orchard & Vineyard Supply carries trellising, training, pruning, irrigation, harvest, post-harvest, ag fabrics, and wildlife control products. We offer a larger product and category selection than anyone in the industry.
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
Gas & electric service.
Instantly see what your farm needs. From stressed blocks, irrigation performance, and Phytech’s recommendations. Pressure sensors placed on the irrigation system monitor actual irrigation in each block. We've just launched a major update to our Pivot app, designed to take irrigation optimization to the next level.
Rainbow Ag Service
we sell all major brands of outdoor power equipment. we also have an engineer on staff that can design and kit your irrigation system.
Sentek Sensor Technologies
Sentek Sensor Technologies manufactures world leading sensors for precision measurement and management of soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity.
Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
WatchDog weather stations and temperature recorders; IPM software for diseases and insects; soil moisture sensors and recorders; pH meters; plant stress meters and frost detection.
Spring Brook Supply
Supplier and distributor of drip irrigation, constant pressure pump stations, chemical injection, frost protection, wire-less valve technology, air blast and canon crop sprayers, pruning tools, and other orchard equipment.
Tule Technologies
Plant water use and water stress measurements. Site-specific irrigation recommendations help you achieve your quality and yield goals.
United Pipe & Supply
34 locations in the Northwest
Vinduino LLC
Irrigate for profit! Vinduino proven irrigation and fertilizer control technology increases farm profitability by lowering water and labor costs, increasing yield and fruit quality.
Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness
Water management. Caters to dealers and farmers with fertilizers and chemicals; manufacturing company.
Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply
Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply has provided the Yakima area with professional and affordable irrigation services for over 15 years. High-quality products and labor procedures ensure optimum system performance and customer satisfaction.
Irrigation Maangement System, Irrigation Automation, Soil moisture sensors, Weather Stations, Fertilizer inyection systems, Software




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