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Pump over irrigator by Vinnovation
Winemaking tool designer Vinnovation released its new Lotus pump over irrigator device. According to a statement by the company, the firm’s designers used molds made with 3D printers to produce shapes that previously could not be fabricated with standard tools. READ MORE

New ranges of gas generators
Atlas Copco Compressors released three new ranges of oxygen and nitrogen generators. The company added a new membrane nitrogen generator that incorporates a bundle of polymer fibers that acts as a membrane to separate compressed air to produce enriched nitrogen as well as a pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, which produces 99.999% pure nitrogen at flows of up to 1,200 standard cubic feet per minute. READ MORE

Diam debuts new closure at Unified
Calling it the “world’s most advanced cork closure to last more than 30 years,” Diam unveiled its Diam 30 closure for the North American market at the recent Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. The closure is designed for wines made for extended bottle aging and features one of the lowest oxygen permeability rates on the market. READ MORE

Rehrig Pacific launches keg rental service
Rehrig Pacific Co., a manufacturer of reusable transport packaging containers for beer, wine, spirits and other products, announced the launch of its new keg recycling program for wine and beer. The Pubkeg program enables wineries and breweries to ship full kegs and Rehrig handles tracking the kegs for return and recycling. READ MORE

Renaissance licenses yeast strain
Renaissance BioScience Corp., in Vancouver, B.C., announced it has exclusively licensed the technology to commercially develop yeast that have little propensity to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. University of California, Davis microbiologist Dr. Linda Bisson used selective breeding techniques to produce the yeast strains, and Renaissance commercialized the production and will handle technical support and further development. READ MORE

CellarCart for winery e-commerce
JMB Web Consulting announced the release of CellarCart, a WordPress-based system designed to provide a low-cost, e-commerce solution for small wineries through the Wine and the Web product line. READ MORE


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About Wine Analytics Report
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Della Toffola Group - Total Wine Technologies - ITA
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Inspired for You
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Electric Shears: Addressing America's Farm Labor Crisis
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We are G3
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Need Wine Labels? Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix can help!!
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