Krupp Brothers buy Napa Valley estate

Napa, Calif.—After selling the famed Stagecoach Vineyard, Dr. Jan Krupp announced his purchase of Kitchak Cellars.

The 20-acre property includes a 10-acre vineyard, winery, tasting rooms and barrel room. “We took the opportunity provided to us by the sale of Stagecoach Vineyard to expand our winery brand and to focus on what brought us to Napa in the first place: creating exquisite wines,” Krupp said in a statement announcing the purchase. “Now, not only do we now have a deluxe winery, but we are able to be host our guests in a setting that truly complements our wines.”

In addition to developing the Stagecoach Vineyard, Krupp and his brother Bart Krupp started Krupp Brothers wine company that produces around 6,000 cases per year.

Krupp’s deal with E. & J. Gallo Winery in Modesto, Calif., allows him to access select blocks on Stagecoach. Krupp Brothers now bring wine production out of custom crush and into its own winery. “The advantage of having your own winery estate is that we have complete control over every step, from the vineyard to the bottling including tank availability and complete flexibility over timing of when to press the grapes from the skins,” Krupp said.

Founded in 2005 by Peter Kitchak, a former race car driver and real estate consultant, Kitchak Cellars was producing around 2,000 cases per year. The deal includes the brand and inventory and the Krupps will continue pouring Kitchak wines at the winery. The Krupps plan to continue production of Kitchak wines for the foreseeable future.

Krupp Brothers opened a tasting room in the city of Napa in 2016. The company will continue to operate that venue as well.

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