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Tanktemp Control the American muscle of liquid heating and chilling. Effective, efficient and built to last. Tanktemp delivers more control, faster results and uses less energy. Thousands of groups have trusted us for over 45 years. Founded in 1972.

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Established in 1972. At Tanktemp Control, we're focused on one thing: building exceptional heaters and chillers for the beverage industries. We don't believe that adding gadgets and gizmos is the way to accomplish this goal. Instead, engineers and structural designers scrutinize every detail of our equipment. In the end, each component is the best it can be. We use patented technology, tried and proven to offer unique solutions to increase your production. We have pioneered and patented several products based upon the industry’s only Liquid Heat Pump™for heating or chilling liquids.

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38875 SW Laurelwood Rd
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