5.3G / 20L to 92.5G / 350L barrels for wine, brandy, beer, and vinegar. Highest quality oak in the world. Quercus Petraea Sessile species of oak. Balsamic, sauerkraut, cabbage, pickle, and kombucha barrels. Distills, hoop hammers, and beeswax. Oak Al


Vadai barrels are made from 100-year-old trees. Highest quality, tightest white grain oak of the world Quercus Petraea Sessile species of oak harvested in the Zemplén Forest of Hungary. Air-dried staves 3 years, drying method preserves minerals & tannins in the wood. Barrels for wine, brandy, spirits, beer, vinegar, cabbage, sauerkraut, kombucha, balsamic vinegar and pickles. Basket presses, oak alternatives chips, cubes, mini staves, infusion tubes, distills, hoop hammers, beeswax. Factory Price. Thank you for Remembering Vadai Barrels all of these years. Cheers!

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