Laffort produces a wide range of high quality and innovative winemaking products including yeasts, bacteria, nutrients, tannins, purified enzymes and fining agents.

Shaun Richardson

General Manager

Garett Savage

Technical Representative

Marcy Mallette

Technical Representative

Jillian Johnson Deleon

West Coast Sales Manager

Kelly Gifford

Technical Representative

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Actiflore, Argilact, Autolees, Casie Plus, Celstab, Charbon Actif, Dynastart, Energizer, Fresharom, Gecoll Supra, Gelarom, Gelatin Extra, Gelatine Extra, Geosorb GR, Ichtyocolle, Lactoenos, Lafase, Lafazym, Lysozym, Malostart, Mannostab, Microcol Alpha, Nobile, Nutristart, Oenolees, Oenosteryl, Ovoclaryl, Polyact, Polymust Press, Quertanin, Stabivin, Superstart, Tan'Cor Grand Cru, Tanfresh, Tanin VR Grape, Tannin Galalcool SP, Vegecoll, Viniclar, VR Supra, Zymaflore


Laffort is present in over 60 countries. At Laffort USA, our goal is to be a long term partner to winemakers and help them with solid technical advice and a high level of customer service. Quality, research and innovation are what characterizes Laffort and what differentiates us from other suppliers. From our global network of companies, we have access to a wide variety of techniques, varietals and experiences. Our US team is highly technical, yet personable and friendly.


Laffort - Yeast rehydration protocol Laffort - IDP Tannin Laffort Oenosteryl SO2 Tablets

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