Vincent Bouchard

Managing Director

Katie Mattas

International Barrel Consultant

Paolo Bouchard

Business Development

Roberta Manell-Montero

International Barrel Consultant

Mary Delaney

International Barrel Consultant

Sarah Lanzen

International Oak Alternatives Consultant

Kris Conemac

General Manager

Amber Glastonbury

International Barrel Consultant

Cara Borenstein

International Logistics Coordinator

Gerhard Ziemer

International Barrel and Tank Consultant


Artenova, Canadell, Chêne-oelogie, CLC Vasche, Drunk Turtle, Egginox, European Coopers Hungary, Master Coopers, Schneckenleitner, Tonnellerie Billon, Tonnellerie DAMY, Tonnellerie Maury, Vin et Terre


Since 1979, our history of tradition and innovation, coupled with our portfolio of French, Hungarian, American and Austrian Coopers offering French, Hungarian, American and Austrian oak means we are uniquely qualified to collaborate with you to ensure your barrels and oak adjuncts compliment each of your varietals and their individual terroirs and personal winemaking style. Bouchard Cooperages also offers cocciopesto, concrete, terracotta and sandstone eggs, amphorae and jarres for winemakers as well as a high-end Italian technical wine closures.

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860 Napa Valley Corporate Way, Ste C
Napa, CA 94558

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860 Napa Valley Corporate Way, Ste C
Napa, CA 94558