The Spinning Cone Column (SCC) & Resin Adsorbing Column assist winemakers in producing better NOLO wine.The SCC100 is now available for small-scale dealcoholisation along with the Centritherm evaporator for low-temperature grape juice concentration.

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Centritherm Evaporator, Integrated Extraction System, Resin Adsorbing Column, Rotating Disc Column, Spinning Cone Column


Flavourtech's Spinning Cone Column (SCC) is a unique and extremely efficient alcohol stripping column whose design originally grew out of specific winemaking needs. It uses low temperatures of 30-40°C to first remove the delicate aroma of wine and then, in a second step, the alcohol. Processing through the SCC takes only 25 seconds and the original aroma is then blended back into the bulk wine without the alcohol to produce a fresh, clean tasting low or zero alcohol wine. Many of the world's leading low alcohol sparkling, red and white wines are made through the SCC.


Flavourtech Webinar - Dealcoholisation of Wine Flavourtech Customer Testimonial - Australian Vintage Flavourtech 360 Virtual Reality Experience - Spinning Cone Column - 2016


Spinning Cone Column for dealcoholisation of wine
Resin Adsorbing Column for production of zero alcohol wine
Centritherm® evaporator for grape juice concentration

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