Custom crush, wine and hard cider production. Co-pack glass, keg, pouch, cans, PET 187, pressure fill, Velcorin dosing. Custom blending. Warehouse finished goods. Bulk wine sales and storage. Inbound flexitanks. Private label services.

Carol Joki

Project Coordinator

Dan DeBell

Executive Vice President
(585) 531-9000 ext. (585)

Dave Fitch

Sales Manager


3-million gallon, state-of-the-art crush, production and bottling facility accommodates medium to large domestic and international custom beverage projects. Specialties include custom wine and hard cider, blends and artificial carbonation. Flexitank receipt for production, packaging, storage and shipping is one area of expertise. Packaging capabilities include 12oz, 22oz, 750ml and 1.5L glass, 187ml PET, 1.5L and 3.0L AstraPouch, kegging and Velcorin dosing. 220,000 case warehouse. Extensive bulk wine inventory for direct sale or conversion to customer designed products.

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52 West Ave
Naples, NY 14512

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52 West Ave
Naples, NY 14512