ClearWater Tech offers a line of ozone systems that provide sustainable water treatment solutions for wineries. Improve your sanitation practices using the planets strongest oxidizer, improve the quality your wine and efficiency of your facility.

Timothy Chew

Sales Manager


C1 Mobile Disinfection Cart, Clean-In-Place, Clean-in-Place Panel-Mount


ClearWater Tech, a division of Pentair, is a leading designer and manufacturer of ozone sanitation equipment for the winery industry. Use the planet's strongest oxidizer to produce a more sustainable and more desirable product. Minimize water consumption, reduce energy costs, less wear-and tear on equipment, while controlling bacteria, molds and other microbes. ClearWater Tech cold-water rinse systems reduce hot water and chemical use without leaving behind off-tastes, odors or residues preserving the integrity of your wine. Ozone is produced onsite and on demand and is as natural as it gets.

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