Member of Chene & Cie group, producers of quality products for multiple generations. All oak is open-air seasoned and processed in our proprietary locations, bringing forth consistent flavor profiles. Sensory kits are available for all products.

Bruno Rémy

VP Marketing & Sales, Enologist

David Day

Area Sales Representative

Carlos Luis

Sales Agent

Brad McCarthy

Sales Agent

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Canton Cooperage


HACCP and PEFC certified. Products for Tanks: 2290 Sticks, fans, Stavettes, chips. Barrels: inserts through the head or bung, Xoakers. Fermentation: granular, granular complex, standard chips. Toast level options: Plain, Light, Medium, Medium Plus and a proprietary offering of fire toasted French staves, dual toasting 2290 sticks, and chips XtraPure, XtraVan, and Xtra Mocha. Exclusive products certified from Troncias forest: 2290 Sticks, XtraKits, and Xtra C chips. Our products have been selected by winemakers from premium to icon wineries to assist them in reaching their sensory goals.

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131 A Stony Cir, Ste 400
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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131 A Stony Cir, Ste 400
Santa Rosa, CA 95401