YompBox offers an unmatched Inflatable Protective Packaging Solutiona (film and inflation equipment.) Valuable and delicate products need global delivery with protection, speed and security. Trust YompBox to safely ship your fine wines.

Michael G Kaminski

Managing Director

Yvonne Carreon

VP, Sales & Marketing


Un-inflated YompBox bags are stored on a roll, reducing precious warehouse space by up to 90%. Our low-profile, flexible, and super-strong film offers a 30% DIM weight, reducing your shipping costs. Our custom-made inflated bags retain 98% of their air for two years. Reusable — Recyclable — Degradable. Waste is another frustrating shipping "by-product." YompBox is spearheading an industry shift by using sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable film for its inflatable bags — film that biodegrades at 50% within two and a half years.

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