Environmentally-sustainable wine packaging using Green Cell Foam. Protects wine bottles from breaking and protects wine from thermal damage during shipping. Superbly protects wine bottles shipped in wooden boxes. Design and testing services offered.

Tim Colonnese

President and CEO

Gabriela Causley

Sr. Packaging Engineer


KTM Industries is one of the oldest biomaterials companies in America. Over 22 years of developing, manufacturing and selling Green Cell Foam in North America and Europe. All materials are BPI certified curbside compostable and can even be dissolved in a sink. Made from US-grown, non-GMO corn, Green Cell Foam has a proven track record as a shock absorber and thermal insulator with protection as good or better than traditional plastics. Currently manufacturing in central Michigan in northern Nevada.

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2325 Jarco Dr
Holt, MI 48842

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2325 Jarco Dr
Holt, MI 48842