Are you creating your winery or do you wish to optimize your existing cellar? As experts in the wine industry, we can provide you: an audit of your winemaking process, feasibility studies and master plans for your architect.

Roland Tournier

CEO - Oenologist

Rémy Paquentin

Project Manager

Roman Tournier

Project Manager


Ingevin is a leading engineering office specialized in the wine industry process, having served over 50 new or reorganizing wineries and cellars throughout the world. Backed by a strong team of engineers and oenologists, Ingevin invented two very innovatives wineries : the 100% circular cellar known as ECOCHAI 4E, a cellar that’s Economical, Ergonomic, Ecological and Extendable, all in one. Ours is a revolutionary and modern concept for projects from 4,000 to 300,000 hectoliters. The EOSE winery for craft wine producers, a premium winery that saves space , energy at a very competitive price.

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120 Rue du Thor
Montpellier, Occitanie 34000

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1241 Route de Villariés
Vacquiers, Occitanie 31340

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