Onguard works with new & retrofit liquid storage tanks. W/our ductile anchoring system, damage is concentrated to 1 component in the anchor & provides protection to the tank & contents. Our system has the ability to identify compromised components.

Will Lomax


Michele Badker

VP Business Development

Scott Erwin

VP Sales

Sterling Wallstrum

Design Engineer


Onguard was founded in response to a M6.6 earthquake that struck the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand in 2013. Millions of liters of wine were lost from storage tanks that Onguard’s founder, Will Lomax, had long predicted would fail in an earthquake. Onguard set about rewriting the way tanks should be designed & constructed by inventing new technology focusing on minimizing property damage. The system gained ultimate validation when a M7.8 event struck again in 2016, inflicting vast losses on the wine industry once more, but all tanks equipped with the Onguard system survived undamaged.

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1034 Jennings Ave, Unit #306
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