Smart Analysis platform simplifies quality control of wine. Spica, Y15-Y400 Automatic Random Access Analyzer with Enology software. Reagents, standards, control wines and SO2 controls. ELISA food allergens,mycotoxins

Mads Svenningsen

Sales Manager & Technical Support

Kim Budolph Johansen

Sales Director

William Reed

Technical Service

James Kaufman

Field Service Manager

Martha Muleady

Back Office Manager

Benjamin Eyer

Technical Support & Product Specialist


Admeo is the enology focused one-stop-shop company dedicated to serving the US wine industry with innovative lab solutions for quality testing of wine and wine related applications. Since 2013 Admeo has partnered with BioSystems SA to ensure local distribution and support of BioSystems' entire Enology program to the US wine laboratory. Admeo is a California-based company founded in 2013 by Margit Svenningsen, who has the past 30 years servicing industries around the world selling Anton Paar instruments, since 1998 in USA. Admeo is the one-stop-shop for the wine labs.

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2557 Napa Valley Corporate Dr
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2557 Napa Valley Corporate Dr
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