Sustainable, innovative wine processing solutions that deliver Fast, Additive-Free, 100% Guaranteed TARTRATE STABILIZATION (STARS® Stab), pH MANAGEMENT (STARS® pH) & CROSSFLOW FILTRATION (STARS® XF) to reveal the full aromatic potential of your wine.

Louis Zandvliet

Executive VP

Damien Monnet

Sales Manager

Ines Pinos

Sales Representative

Braden Harding

Tech. & After Sales Manager

Ian Grymes

STARS Mobile Service Coordinator

Libby Foulk

STARS Mobile Service Coordinator

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DIT, ISTC50, Reverse Osmosis, Stabilab, STARS Line: STARS® Stab, STARS® pH, STARS® XF


OENODIA North America supplies STARS®, a membrane based eco-process that utilizes an exclusive electrodialysis technique to safely & effectively remove wine tartrates (STARS® Stab), manage pH (STARS® pH) and can be combined with crossflow filtration (STARS® XF) in a single pass. It can be acquired by purchasing stationary units or you can apply all the savings with STARS® Mobile Service delivered to your winery door. OENODIA North America is located in Napa CA, where they provide direct support and service to the growing number of wineries utilizing their STARS® line of equipment.


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2656 Napa Valley Corporate Dr
Napa, CA 94558

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2656 Napa Valley Corporate Dr
Napa, CA 94558