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The Mendrin Group is a leading agricultural industry brokerage, consulting & advisory firm that specializes in the analysis, valuation, and buy/sell advisory of agricultural properties and assets. Agricultural sectors represented include vineyards,

Al D Mendrin


Josh A Mendrin

Broker Associate

Daniel A Mendrin

Real Estate Analyst / Agent


Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, citrus orchards, vegetable/row cropland, wineries, dairies, food processing facilities, and agricultural businesses. Based in Fresno, California, USA, The Mendrin Group represents clients located throughout North America. To date, closed transactions total over 25,000 acres of agricultural assets. Clients include large family & corporate farming operations, agricultural lenders, pension funds, private equity funds, asset management firms, insurance companies, and global food/beverage companies. Since 1990 – “Founded on traditions of honesty and integrity.”

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