Poly wine tanks, 225-4500 gallons, SS manways, drain and racking. KiLR-CHiLR temp control, 20 to 90 degrees F. Set and go, no glycol. KiLR-Fermentors for premium wine production, submerged cap automatic fermentation, digital controls and self-pressin

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KiLR-CHilR, KiLR-Fermentor


Pasco Poly produces top quality tanks combining the best features of polyethylene and stainless steel. Extra thick, neutral, nitrogen-purged tanks with gasketed stainless steel manways protect wines through all phases of winemaking, with no odor or taste. Tank quality proven by over 30 years of use in wineries throughout the US and Canada. HIGH TECH PRODUCTS: KiLR-Fermentor produces premium wines through automatic computerized super submerged cap fermentation, featuring heating and cooling to 100 degrees F; KiLR-CHiLR provides automatically controlled heating and cooling 20 to 90 degrees F.

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