We sell the finest cork products and stand behind our products. We sell natural and technical corks, sparkling wine corks, bartops for spirits as well as aluminum screwcaps for wine, spirits and oils. We also sell tin, polyaluminum and PVC capsules.

Armando Andrade

Operations Director

Artur Podniesinski

Sales Director

Russ Warren

Sales Representative

Heather Polick

Sales Representative

Louise Otwell

Customer Support

Daniela Andrade

Customer Support

Susan Bischoff

Sales Representative


Federfin, Fizz Corks, INOC, Naturatop, Relvas


We are one of the largest sellers of cork and cork products in the world. All our corks are produced to Cork Quality Council standards. HCAAP and C Liege certified. Our guiding mantra is customer service and superior product. No one in the cork industry provides better or cleaner cork. Our custom and stock capsules are some of the best values in the business and we welcome your business.

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255 Lombard Blvd
American Canyon, CA 94503

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PO Box 6318
Napa, CA 94581