North American Winery Total Passes 8,000

Wines & Vines releases complete 2013 Directory & Buyers Guide

by Wines & Vines staff
wines & vines 2013 directory buyers guide
San Rafael, Calif.—More than 8,000 wineries now produce wine in North America according to Wines & Vines, which released the latest data at the 2013 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

Surprisingly, fewer than half the wineries are in California, reflecting the explosion of wineries throughout the other states and Canadian provinces.

WinesVinesDATA, the magazine’s market research team, provides these numbers as a small sample of the information available in the 2013 Directory & Buyers Guide, now available in print and online formats.
wines & vines 2013 directory buyers guide

Virtual wineries have a brand name and produce wine at host facilities.
The number of wineries in the U.S. has continued to grow each year, even during the recession, although the pace has slowed from 2010 through 2012.

A large majority of the wineries counted are small; almost 6,000 produce fewer than 5,000 cases per year. Just 49 make more than 500,000 cases, a number that has dropped slightly due to acquisitions. All other categories have grown.
wines & vines 2013 directory buyers guide

More than 12 states (and two Canadian provinces) have more than 100 wineries each.

wines & vines 2013 directory buyers guide

New Directory
& Buyer's Guide

The 2013 Directory/Buyer’s Guide presents a wealth of information about the North American wine industry contained in two major sections: the Winery Directory, which has detailed information about every winery, and the Buyer’s Guide, which contains content about equipment, supplies and services for the winery industry—plus a wide array of other valuable information for wine producers, grapegrowers, wine trade members and suppliers to the wine industry.

The 2013 Directory/Buyer’s Guide comes in a spiral bound 724-page print format and is also accessible in searchable format online. Both are included for one price.

In addition to extensive listings of contacts and offerings, the Directory & Buyer’s Guide also includes:
• Wineries
• Winery and brand cross-reference
• Custom crush and winery cross-reference
• Growers
• Grower and winery cross-reference
• Direct-shipping regulations
• Distributors
• Trade/grower/winery associations
• Wine writers
• New-generation websites
• Wine competitions
• Wine industry PR firms
• U.S. grape crop authorities
• University programs in viticulture and enology
• Government offices and alcohol control boards
• Viticultural areas of North America
• Suppliers listed by those serving winery, vineyard and general customers

The 2013 Wines & Vines Directory/Buyer’s Guide is available for $95 at the magazine’s website, winesandvines.com.

For more information, contact publisher Chet Klingensmith at chet@winesaandvines.com or (415) 453-9700, or editor Jim Gordon at jim@winesandvines.com or (415) 453-9700.

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