Vineyard View


Brainstorming on Pierce's Disease

March 2008
by Cliff Ohmart
Brainstorming on Pierce's Disease
Many attendees appreciated the introduction of roundtable sessions, where researchers discussed specific topics.
The seventh Pierce's Disease Research Symposium was convened by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in San Diego, Calif., Dec.12-14, 2007. The symposium has two main purposes: To let the wine industry hear scientists report on progress to find a control for Pierce's disease (PD); and probably more importantly, to give scientists working on this problem the opportunity to network, brainstorm, and find better ways to cooperate. It is very important for California growers and wineries to keep up to date on the program's progress, because their money is paying for the research through the California Statewide Winegrape Assessment Program.

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